Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Applying For Freebies: What to Expect

I have had several people make comments to me that they don't apply for freebies or fill out any forms online because they are afraid that their information will be sold. I wanted to address that and any other issues with freebies. Yes, some people/companies will sell your information for profit. However, this does not happen to often. I personally have not had any problems. I may occasionally get some junk mail (most of which gets filtered out through my yahoo spam filter) and get a flier in the mail, but for the most part I don't have a problem. If you really want to be cautious, only sign up for freebies from well known companies and businesses (Wal-mart, Aveeno, etc. ) Most of them will have a clause stating that they do not sell your information.

Some tips for filing out free sample forms:

1- never give out your phone number- most of the forms will not ask for your phone number. If they do, I always give them a fake phone number. In most cases, they are not going to call you to verify your information anyhow.

2- use a separate e-mail address for freebies- I personally do not do this, I just insert filters into my current e-mail. However, if you are worried about them selling your e-mail address or sending a million e-mails, create a separate e-mail account.

3- Do not expect to get every freebie you sign up for. I do receive about 98% of the freebies that I request. However, some of them will come right away, others six months down the line when you have given up on them. Unfortunately, a few will not come at all. Just remember, it was worth the few seconds it took to fill out the form to have the chance of getting the freebie.

It is definitely worth the time and occasional hassle to receive all of the great freebies out there. Don't let one bad experience keep you from these goodies! If you have any more questions or concerns..please ask.

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