Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Relief: Have you Donated Yet?


 Have you had a chance to donate yet? I have been debating on whether or not to post anything on Haiti. I have so many strong feelings (sympathy, rage, sadness) going on inside me that I almost don't know what to say. Everyone knows about the massive Earthquake that has been followed by a dozen more aftershocks (including one that was over 6!). We can only watch in horror from our televisions and try to sympathize with what these people are going through.

Did you know that they are performing amputations using only Ibuprofen for pain? Can you imagine having a limb chopped off with no more than a little bit of headache medicine! (Which if you know anything about medicine, you know that Ibuprofen is a BAD thing to use since it is an NSAID and increases blood flow!).

Also, Did you know that they are piling bodies into large garbage bins and then taking them to dump in a landfill without even identifying them first?? I understand the need for this, they are doing their best to save what they can. However, can you imagine life for survivors? Your home is gone, your family may be missing & you will never know what happened to them. Was your Dad an unidentified body that got dumped, or did he develop amnesia and is now laying in a hospital half alive? They will never know!

My heart really goes out to everyone in Haiti. I am praying for you all!

Please Donate (even a few dollars helps):
You can also donate at your local Publix

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