Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year, New Mattress and From Dates to Diapers are giving away a Sealy Mattress! In order to enter you have to blog (or post on your facebook) about why you need a mattress.

My entry:

It is really kind of embarrassing, but I desperately need a new mattress. My current mattress was my husbands mattress when he was a kid (he is 36!). When he moved out of his Dad's house it went into storage and it stayed there for about 9 years until he was around 26. Then, when he was 28 I moved in with him. We still have the same mattress! It pokes you in several spots and has made me bleed on numerous occasions (It poked a really deep hole in my butt!) My husbands keeps coming into the bedroom with pliers and bending the loose springs back down, but it only lasts for a short period of time. We have flipped it every way imaginable. Now, it is starting to get some large holes from the pokey springs. It also makes weird noises and has the board to flap up in hit you in the back when you are umm...not sleeping on it. Not comfortable! We want a new mattress, but we just can't afford one right now! I have had a lot of hospital bills recently, our rent went up and I am trying to go to school as we can afford it. It would also be great to have a new mattress since I have been having a lot of neck and back problems due to an accident I had 5 years ago. Please pick me!

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