Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review: EA Sports Active & How it can Motivate You

I received an EA Sports Active for a late Christmas present and I have been addicted since! I am extremely out of shape and I have metal, pain and arthritis in my right leg due to an injury from several years ago. I knew that I wanted to get back into working out, but I didn't want to join a gym where others would be around. I also have been unable to run or really jog since I broke my leg. So, my options were few. I decided I needed help, but it had to have enough enjoyment to make me continue with the regimen. EA Sports Active fit the bill!
         I started off with the 30 Day Challenge right away. It was a little difficult on the first day, but not impossible. I also found that I was encouraged by not only the game, but my husband as I worked out (he is now addicted too!). I was a little worried when it told me I had to do lunges and squats, but I was able to persevere with little pain. The only exercise that bothered me was the inline skating (ironically, inline skating is how I broke my leg!) and that was because you had to do several jumps quickly. I finished the workout feeling great and then I decided to look and see what all was on the game and I created my own workout. My workout was shorter, and a lot of fun! I included tennis, boxing, basketball, dancing and some other fun things not included in the first days workout. Then, I did my personalized workout and was thinking about doing more. At this point, my husband told me to stop before I hurt myself! I realized he was right and I put it up until the next day.
        I have now done several workouts and I love EA Sports Active! It makes me feel great without overdoing it, and if there is an exercise that hurts too much, you can remove it from the list before you get started. Another great feature is that you can workout with a partner. We bought another leg holder and resistance band  on Amazon and once those come in we are going to workout together. We are already competitive, so I think this will make our workouts even better. Below is a list of some pros and cons. The cons however are small and insignificant. I highly recommend EA Sports Active whether you are a serious exercise fan or a beginner.

Best Features/Pros:
*Strong & intense but fun workouts
*Ability to work out with a partner
*Calender and Journal to track progress and even sleep patterns and meals
*Encouraging trainer
*Flexibility (can add/remove workouts)

*No real warm ups (I recommend warming up on your own)
*Occasional issue with the remote not acknowledging your movements (may be a Wii issue)


Krystal said...

The first day I used it I wasn't a HUGE fan, but now I really like it. I gotta try making my own workout...

Crystal said...

I loved it from the beginning! It's probably because you started out with Wii Fit & I started with EA Sports Active. Wii Fit is more fun, but EASA is a better workout. It is more fun to make your own workouts though!