Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Country Bob's Giveaway Reminder & More


Have I mentioned how much I love Country Bob's? This stuff is seriously amazing! This company is also run by some really amazing guys. I had the opportunity to work with Al. He is incredibly sweet and he even sent me the Country Bob's Cookbook the other day. How nice is that? This cookbook is full of yummy recipes. I had a request from my husband to make the Country Bob's Meat Loaf the second I opened the book. I was already planning on incorporating Country Bob's into my meat loaf recipe, but I decided I am going to make their instead. I also can't wait to try the Hot Reuben Dip, the Down Home Chili, The Ultimate Gravy and the Incredible Fudge!  Yes, Fudge with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce in it. It sounds wonderful. 

Another cool thing about this cookbook is that it says "Christ is our CEO" on the cover and it has bible quotes throughout. Normally Companies avoid religious affiliation of any sort. I Love that Country Bob's stands by their beliefs and is not afraid to share them. 

Thanks Al!

Don't forget the Country Bob's Giveaway ends tomorrow night. They are giving away 2 bottles of their All Purpose Sauce to 2 winners!

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