Monday, February 1, 2010

Frugal Grocery Shopping: Saving 50% & more on Groceries!

pictured: 8 boxes Ronzoni Spaghetti, 2 boxes Ronzoni Rotini, 2 Jars Pace Mild Salsa, 2 trays Tyson Beef Steak Tips 
total: $15.63
value: $31.26
savings: 50%

First of all, let me say that unfortunately the details in this post will not apply to all my readers. The Grocery stores throughout the US vary greatly. This post will only apply to those whole live near a Publix. Although the basic idea may apply to one of your stores, so read on.

Publix is one of the few ads that I track religiously. Why? They have multiple BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sales every week. Some weeks they have up to 30 things BOGO Free! I use coupons on BOGO items and I sometimes save 70%! For the trip that is pictured I didn't use any coupons because it was a quick stop on the way to work. If I have time, I visit I Heart Publix for coupon match ups and online printable coupons as well (click on weekly ads). If I had visited her site first I would have saved another $6 on just the Tyson Entrees (Darn it!).

When shopping at Publix I follow a few "rules":

1. Only buy the BOGO items. Most of their prices are higher than someplace like Wal-Mart. Even though I admit their bakery and deli gets me sometimes.
2. Check prices! BOGO is not always cheaper! I have seen hot dogs BOGO at $4.30 a pack when you can buy the same ones for $1.50 at WalMart
3. When possible...COUPONS! I often get multiple items free or super cheap this way
4. Stock Up! There are certain items Publix always rotates in. For example: Pasta, Pasta sauce, Fruit cups, Yogurt and Chips are often on sale. The brands may vary, but for the most part my family is not picky (just with pasta sauce...Bertoli...and we REALLY stock up win it is BOGO). These items, I don't buy anywhere but Publix. I make sure that I buy enough when they are on sale to get to the next sale. 

Here is another trip that I still have the receipt from. I bought a lot of stuff, so I am just going to list the totals and savings.

01/02/10 Trip:
Total: $53.39
Value: $128.76
Savings: $75.37 or 58.5%!!
(savings in coupons: $14.88)

Another thing I love about Publix is that they put your savings on the receipt (not the percentage..I calculated that). They even tell you how much you saved in coupons and advertised savings.


Annie said...

Great deals.

Following your blog from Friday Follow.

Have a nice week.

Ms Bibi said...

We don't have Publix here. I have to go to 3-4 stores to get great deals and save.

Rannyjean said...

Thanks for the great ideas, though no Publix near us. Stop by for my February giveaway at

Coupon Teacher said...

Great shopping trip! Thanks for linking up!