Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nacho Mama Tee's Review


The owners of Crazy Dog T-shirts (go here for my review and giveaway that ends tonight) have another T-shirt company called NachoMamaTee's. Nacho Mama Tee's is similar to Crazy Dog in the fact that they have lots of fun, crazy and sometimes offensive tee's. You will even find a few T-shirts in both stores, but there are a lot of different shirts too. My favorite shirt actually came from Nacho Mama Tee's. I received this shirt to review:

Not only does the "I Illegally Dowloaded This T-shirt" tee have a really cute saying, but it is really soft and comfortable. This is now the softest T-shirt I own! Normally when I get a new T-shirt I dump it straight into the dirty clothes to be washed, not this one. I actually wore it right away. It is also a well made tee. The material is the perfect thickness (not too thick, but not so thin that you can see through it). I recommend both Nacho Mama Tee's and Crazy Dog T-Shirts to everyone. Nacho Mama Tee's also has a really cool daily special. Go to their website and everyday they have a different T-shirt on sale for $6.99.  There is also a daily trivia game on the Crazy Dog Facebook page & on twitter where you can win a free t-shirt! Go here for details. Here are some more cute Nacho Mama Tee's:

Go get your own here:

OR Try to win one here. Contest ends TONIGHT at 9pm EST.

Disclaimer: I received a T-shirt in exchange for this honest review. I was compensated in no other way. The thoughts and opinions are my own.


Susie Jefferson said...

Hi Crystal

Thanks so much for leaving a comment re the comment numbering method that worked for you (possibly because you're using a different template to the Minima one that I use). I am posting this as an addition to my original post - anything that helps!

Again, thank you for your suggestion, and I'm so glad you've got it working at last.

dawn hild said...

I like the "Squirrels Can't be Trusted" t-shirt...
I hate squirrels! I remember when I was a little kid the ones in our neighborhood used to terrorize us!!! Can't believe it - butI'm almost 50 and they still creep me out a little ;-O

Crystal said...

Your Welcome Susie! Thanks for the help! hubby feels the same way about squirrels! I love them. He had a bad incident where when he was younger and playing baseball, they hit a squirrel with the ball. They thought it was dead and he felt guilty. So, being about 7 yrs old & not too bright....he picked up the "dead" squirrel. It bit his hand pretty bad. I try to explain to him it is his fault, but to no avail! Lol. Thanks for your comments!