Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review: Running Away From Me by David Allan Reeves

I love to read, but I generally do not like reading nonfiction and particularly biographies. Knowinging this, I still requested a copy of Running Away From Me by David Allan Reeves. There was something about the book that intrigued me. Once I got the book, I could not put it down (literally, I was cooking sphaghetti and reading at the same time one night). Running Away From Me is essentially an autobiography written by an incarcerated man (Reeves) who takes you through the ups and downs in his life. Unfortunately for him, there   
have been a lot more downs. He became an addict and his addiction worsened until it got to the point where he had to break the law to feed his addiction. Note: this is not your typical dry Autobiography. This is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride that will have you wanting more (yes I became addicted to the book).

My husband has often told me that I am very morbid. I think it is human nature to be curious and therefore morbid. I think I am slightly more morbid because I am into medical science and psychology. I want to understand behavior and the result of that behavior. If I see a bad caraccident on the side of the road. I want to know what happened. Was someone killed? Who was it? What were they like? Can I see pictures of the body? How did they die (the technical medical aspect)? In the same sense I was drawn into this book. The more I read, the more I wanted to know about David. What made him like that? What would he do next? Was he going to hurt someone? By reading this book I can now sympathize and understand better what an addict is going through and what is going through their mind.

Honestly, after reading this book I think that David Allan Reeves is a great guy (and wonderful author!) who followed in his older brothers footsteps which led him down a path of distruction. He writes about the drugs taking over his body and causing him to do things he wouldn't have done while he was sober (steal from friends, rob drug dealers and banks and more ). He also writes about what being in a jail and prison is really like. This is something that I have always wondered about. I have never been arrested and most of the people I know that have been either don't want to talk about it or only stayed in jail over night. It is interesting to read about it from an insiders perspective. I recommend this book to anyone that has drug problems, knows someone with drug problems, thinks that their life is miserable or just wants a good book to read.

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OutnumberedMama said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I don't normally read nonfiction either but I think I will give it a go!
BTW - I am following your blog because I found in the Friday Follow Linky on One 2 Try.