Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why I am Boycotting UPS and You Should Too

I never have really liked UPS. I normally use USPS because it is so much closer to where I live and a LOT cheaper. Well, after what UPS put me through Friday I officially Hate UPS. (Let me opologize now..this is a full on fuming post and a harsher side of me)

First of all, let me explain a few things. The county that I live in is LARGE. You can drive for an hour from some points to others and still be in Pinellas County, FL. I live on the southern half (but no where close to the tip). Well, there is only One UPS in our county. It is towards the Northern side. It takes me 30 minutes or more to get there and I often have to fight bad roads and traffic. Another thing you need to know is I work nights. I work anywhere from 8pm to 9am and I stay up for a few hours in the morning after I get home. So, I generally sleep from 1pm- time to get up for work. If UPS or Fed-Ex don't deliver before 1pm (which they normally do), we will not normally get our packages. However, since it is a pain to go to the store, we hope for an early delivery the following day.

So, Wed, Thurs and Fri this week UPS tried to deliver a package after we were sleeping (which was after 3pm one day!). Every time this has happened in the past I have just gone to UPS on the 4th day and picked it up. Why pick it up early when they might deliver it at a good time the next day? You can try to request a time, but they normally do not give it to you. I have never had a problem picking up a package...until now. After getting my "delivery failure notice" on the front door Friday night, I called UPS (this is 9pm on my way to work). I Was told that I couldn't pick up my package because it has been sent back to the sender. What?? Then he said that if I had called before 7pm I could've gotten my package. 2 hours. Apparently, with some packages (they don't tell you which ones) UPS only tries 3 deliveries and then returns them. Other packages they will keep at the warehouse for a few days. I was in shock, so I hung up the phone and went to work.

First thing in the morning (around 7am) I called back and asked to talk to a manager. I was on hold 25 minutes (20 to get to the first "representative" and 5 more minutes or so to get the manager. I explained to him the situation and asked him to allow me to pick up my package (I was sure it hadn't left the facility between 7pm and 7am..and I was right). Here is a basic jist of how the conversation went:

me "You obviously still have the package. Re-route it back to me"
him "I can't send you back the package, it has been returned to the's against the law".
me "really? It's against the law? That must be a new law!"
him "Umm..well, it's not a law. It's policy"
me "They paid you to get a package to it and do what you were paid for"
him "I can't"
me "I don't want you to open the's not against the law. Just leave the package at the facility for me to pick up"
him "I can't the package has already is now in Pinellas, FL"
him "Ohh..well it says something about Orlando too"
me "You just said it was in Pinellas, and even if it is in Orlando, bring it back"
him "I can't"
me "You can't have your UPS driver drop it off at his next stop to bring it back? Obviously UPS still has it. You make several stops before
a package gets dropped off at the destination...just send it back"
him "I'm sorry your upset, but the sender is the only person that can get that package to you"
me "So the sender who paid extremely high prices to have it shipped UPS now has to pay again to have it shipped back?"
him "yes"
me  "I am going to tell every company and person I know to boycott UPS"
him "I'm sorry you feel that way"
me "Take your high prices and ridicoulus policy's and shove it (at least this is the pg version)"

The conversation was actually longer than that with the same stupid response over and over again. I try not to loose my cool with telephone operators, most of the time they can not do anything. This was supposed to be a manager though and another crappy "UPS Policy" is that they do not give out the phone number for the pickup center/warehouse. This guy was my last chance and I caught him lying twice ("against the law" and "It's's in Pinellas, FL"). I am sure he could've done something, he was just a jerk. To make it worse, I am not sure who the package was from. It was from Hachette Publishing. However, that doesn't tell me much. Some of the PR representatives I work with send books from random publishing companies. I hope whatever it is that the sender will send it back (that is if they didn't just say this so they could keep it themselves). I will go to UPS, pick up my package and be cursing them the whole time I do it.

So, please do not ship UPS. If you have time write to them and tell them they are jerks. Also, please tweet/blog this post! I think I am going to email it to Fed-ex and USPS along with everyone I know. We need to let people know that THEY CHANGE POLICIES WITHOUT INFORMING ANYONE, AND THEY LIE TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF CUSTOMERS.


Dawn said...

why don't you just tell UPS to leave the package without a signature at your house if you are sleeping, they don't have to get a signature at a single residential house, it would make it easier for both of you

Terri said...

Wow sorry you have had a hard time with UPS. Ours here is great.

Beckie said...

Wow that sucks. I don't use anything but UPS but that's because they've been great to me. But then again, our UPS guy drives 70 miles to our little town and drops our packages off in my porch without a care to what time it is or whether we should sigbn for it, LoL. I asked him about it and he was like yah I know all about our policy and rules and such but damn if I'll drive 140 miles twice just to get a package to someone all because they missed it by a few minutes, LoL!! If I were you I woudl talk to their corporate office, hopefully you got a name of teh supreviser you spoke to and then you can have them deal with that idiot. I hope it all goes well. I'd love to boycott, because I'm just that way but I can't. Without UPS, I'd never get anything :( Sorry hun but good luck!!

Jennifer M. said...

That really sucks! UPS never asks us for a signature. I wonder why there is just one in your County. That's odd considering the size. I can't even count the number of UPS offices in Dallas. I tweeted for ya ;)

Crystal said...

Thanks Ladies...I wish UPS was as good to me as they are you! I can't have them leave the package on my porch because while St. Petersurg, FL is a beautiful also has a lot of bums and thiefs. I have had packages stolen off of my porch several times. : (

Kathryn said...

An alternative might be, depending on what is available in your area, have future items delivered to a "Hold for Pick Up" location where they will hold it for you to pick up. Not all "Hold for Pick Up" locations are actual UPS facility, they may be a 3rd party vendor such as Mail Boxes, Ect. or the like.