Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friendship Stone Review

The Friendship Stone Story

In 2004, after several years of serious health challenges, Friendship Stone Founder and President, Cathy Raff discovered the most beautiful stones she had ever seen while on a visit to South Africa. The splendor of the semi-precious Tiger’s Eyes resonated within her. Depending on their angle, the stones’ colors and striations seemed to change, reminding her that difficulties are often eased by a simple shift in perspective.

Cathy purchased several stones to grace her father’s gravesite, and others to display at home where she continued to marvel at them. She began giving them to friends and family as tokens of affection and encouragement, and the response was resoundingly positive. “I loved the idea of a stone being passed along as a reminder of the importance of friendship, the power of a positive of attitude, and the pleasure of giving,” says Cathy.

My Review

I received a Tiger's Eye in the Friendship Stone Gift Pack and it is stunning! The colors shift with the light and angle that you view the stone. It also comes with a beautiful suede bag to keep the stone in and a pamphlet explaining the history of the stone and the company. I found the story behind the company very touching. The set also comes with a blank card to write out to your recipient. My Husband has always loved Tiger's Eye and he is my best friend, so I decided to give the set to him. These are great gifts to remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them, especially when you can not be with them. Here are some pictures of the stone and gift set:

See the beautiful colors and lines?

Here you can see the stone next to the suede bag.

You can see the card I made out to my Hubby.

The Friendship Stone also donates 10% of the purchase price to impoverished west South African communities from where the stones are harvested. I love companies that give back! Also, they have partnered up with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. If you purchase a Power of Two gift set they will donate an additional 20% to Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Awesome!

 Where To Buy:
You can buy different gift sets at The Friendship Stone's website. The set I received was the Friendship Stone Gift Pack and costs only $19.95!

Disclaimer: I received this gift set in exchange for my review. I was compensated in no other way. The thoughts here are my own honest opinions

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