Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot Prints 1 Free Photo Book Every Month

Have you heard of Hot Prints? They are a printing company that gives away one free photo book every month to EVERY customer. That's can get one free per month with shipping included! What's the catch? They contain a removable advertisement insert. Just rip the insert out and your photo book is ready to go (their website also guarantees that there will not be offensive content in these inserts). I just ordered my first photo book with them, so I don't know how the quality is. With a free book and free shipping, I don't expect much. It is still great to document a day at the park or everyday photos that you would normally just let sit on your hard drive. My favorite thing about Hot Prints is that you can use your pictures directly from Facebook! You don't have to sit there and go through the hassle of uploading the pics you want. Score! 

Note: I was not compensated in any way to write this post, I wrote it for the benefit of my readers.

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Lydia A. said...

Let us know when you get it! How many pictures were you able to put in the photo book?