Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday

One of my favorite twitter themes is Music Monday. Music is such a large part of my life. I can't play an instrument, I don't sing (or rather can't), but music makes me happy. One of the best gifts a person could buy for me is concert tickets. I like to be as close as possible. In fact, I kind of enjoy getting beat up in the mosh pit! Am I crazy? Probably, but I have a blast. I would love to incorporate music more into my blog, but it doesn't really go with my theme. Let's face follow me for my freebies, reviews or frugal advice...not my musical opinion. So, I was thinking about doing a Music Monday post either every or every other Monday. I will be doing things like introducing you to one of my favorite bands, talking about bands that I have met, reviewing concerts/ cds, or just rambling on about how much I love Mark Hoppus (will try to minimize those!). So, I hope some of you will enjoy the posts. Let me know what you think! 

Just so you know my favorite genres are Rock, Punk and Alternative, so I will mainly be talking about them. I've also come to the conclusion that my favorite bands are either really intelligent rock/punk (Rise Against, 30 Seconds to Mars, Airborne Toxic Evemt, Jimmy Eat World, etc.) or really stupid rock/punk (Blink 182, Ludo, etc.)

For my first Music Monday I want to tell you which bands I have met in person. There are a lot of people out there that think you will never be able to meet your favorite musicians. That is not necessarily true. I have met some musicians by showing up early, some walk around in the crowd unnoticed (this happens more than you realize), some I have done "meet and greets", others I have waited by the fence off of the stage and a few have been pure luck. The top 3 bands listed here are in my top 5 all time favorites by the way.

Here is my list of stars I have chatted with:
Nelly Furtado (not a nice person by the way)
Okay...I know there is a lot more, but that is all I can think of for now. I will add any that pop into my head.

I will be discussing these bands along with others in the future. For now, I linked them. Explore their sites. I particularly recommend Jimmy Eat World (mellow alternative) and listen to Rise Against - "Savior" and "Hero of War" and Ludo's "Love Me Dead".
Now, this does not mean you will be able to meet every band you want to. I am still trying to meet Blink 182 (more so Mark Hoppus). However, with a little patience and perseverance you can meet some of your idols. Who have you met?

Here are a few pics:

Old picture of Me and Stubhy (lead singer of Lucky Boys Confusion )

Tim McIlrath (lead singer of Rise Against ):

Doug (lead singer of Hoobastank):

Nixon (lead singer of Framing Hanley):

I have more, but that is good for now. I hope you enjoy Music Monday!!


bratts29 said...

Love it and so jealous! And I am surprised to here Miss Furtado is not nice! Hate hearing things like that but I am sure it is so common!

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