Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tag Tuesday

There is another great way to get followers. Adventures of a Military Family of 8 is hosting Tag Tuesday. This is how it works:

"Tag, you're it" or "Tag Tuesday" is simply put, 
a game of Tag ;) 
You "Tag" your new friends and they "Tag" you as well.
(instead of leaving "following from..." comments which is what prompted me to start "Tag" since I heard the complaints of many friends)

The Special "quality" about "Tag, you're it" is that through this game,
you can post the url's to 
your blog, twitter, facebook, networkedblogs, 
and anywhere else you want followers in ;)

Today is Tuesday, New blank list goes up, 
Remember "Tag, you're it" is open throughout the entire week, so feel free to continue to check it and "Tag" new friends

The Rules to playing "Tag, you're it" are simple:
  • add your information to the spreadsheet 
  • "Tag" everyone else above you on the list
  • Check back regularly to "Tag" new friends below you
  • "Tag" back everyone who has "Tagged" you
  • One thing I do have to bring up, PLEASE be kind and do not erase or change peoples information, last week I repeatedly fixed the spreadsheet throughout the week
Here is the Spreadsheet


By MelCole of PA said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Crystal! I hope to join your giveaways here. Tag, you're it!

Simply Stacie said...

Tag! You're it!

JadeLD said...

Hi there, tagging you back!