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Ended- Celia's Puppies Blog Tour, Discount and Giveaway!

"Celia Marlowe believed people blossom with loving support and resources. Over the course of her life, she gathered those who needed her special brand of love. Now, nine years after her death, Celia's puppies are facing themselves and their lives.

Exciting, heart warming, and always fun, Celia's Puppies is the second installment of Denver Cereal. An internet sensation, Denver Cereal is a serial fiction grounded in Uptown Denver, Colorado."

Normally I would share my thoughts first, but in this case I think it is important to do the author Q & A with Claudia Hall Christian first.

Question 1: Can you explain to us what serial fiction is?

Answer: Serial fiction is the practice of publishing a work of fiction while it's written. The evolving nature of serial fiction lends to depth looks are people's lives, complex relationships and lots of drama.

True serial fiction is set in a real city, such as Denver in Denver Cereal, or San Francisco in Amstead Maupin's Tales of the City, or New York City in Candace Bushnell's Sex in the City, and incorporates fictional characters into the lives of real people. In Denver Cereal, it's great fun to include a variety of real people, real business, and real places. The real people and places, in turn, lend a level of realism that we rarely see in fiction. Readers have told me that they were eating at Pete's Kitchen and thought they saw a Denver Cereal character at a table.

Denver Cereal is published a chapter a week. The chapter is broken down into daily segments at DenverCereal.com. This schedule is four times what Dickens or the original serial fiction authors wrote. With modern conveniences such as computers and the Internet, there's no reason to stick to a one chapter a month format.

By publishing daily via the Internet, we have a chance to engage readers. For example, when the action in Denver Cereal intensifies, readers email, tweets or texts me to make sure their favorite characters are all right. There are also a few Denver Cereal regulars who are fabulous at picking up copy errors. This kind of interaction was not possible even a few years ago

Serial fiction is different from serialized fiction. In a true serial fiction, the entire work is not completed. The chapters or segments are published as soon as they are completed.

Serialized fiction is an entire work - novel or short story - released in shorter segments, usually chapters. Learning to Stand is serialized on AlextheFey.com

 Question 2: What made you decide to write serial fiction?

Answer: I grew up reading the serial fiction of the masters – Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens and others. I loved the complexity of the characters. Different from the flat stories told today, these characters had a deep way of relating to each other and the world.

I started Denver Cereal to see if I could write a true serial fiction. I had been practicing using songs for inspiration for short stories. I'd written a short story called "Showed up in Boots" based on the story in "Friends in Low Places" and I loved the characters. After a nudge in the direction of serial fiction, I decided to dust the story off and see what happened next. Most of the characters and ideas have stemmed from that story. 
Question 3: Will you continue to write in serial format?

Answer: I will continue Denver Cereal for as long as the characters have something to say. My work is character driven. As long as these folks continue to grow, I will continue to write. The longest running serial fiction is nine years (the Diary of V at Redbook). Maybe Denver Cereal will break that record. We'll see. 

Also, one of my life goals is to write a serial fiction in every city in North America. We'll see if I can pull that off. lol! 

Q4: I loved this book! Are you working on a third book?

Answer: The third cover is gorgeous and completed. Because Denver Cereal is a serial fiction, the chapters are completed. My publishing team is nudging me to get the next book together. One of the team believes we have enough chapters to make two books, so we'll see. As long as I continue Denver Cereal, I'll continue publishing the material in book form. Denver Cereal is a great 'read in the bathtub' book. The books are published to fill the bathtub need.
My Thoughts:

I was a little unsure of what to expect from this book. This book was originally published as serial fiction. I have never read any serial fiction before and I wasn't really sure what it was. Once I found out, I was very intrigued. I think this is a brilliant way to publish. It benefits both the writer and the reader. I don't know if I would like it because I am the type of person that reads a really good book (like Celia's Puppies) in a few days. I might get frustrated having to wait for the next bit. I guess there is only one way to find out. So, in the future I plan on trying to read some of Claudia Hall Christian's work in this format.

Celia's Puppies was the second book of the series. Both the Denver Cereal books are available for free download here. I downloaded and started to read the original Denver Cereal, but I couldn't read it from the computer screen. I just wanted to curl up in bed with a good book, so I jumped to Celia's Puppies. There is a quick summary of the first book in the beginning so that I knew what was going on. 

As I started to read the book I was instantly hooked (I read this book in 2 days!!). I found myself intertwined in all of the various characters lives and wanting more. Jacob Marlowe is the man that most women wish for and Jill Roper is a character we can sympathize with. One of the things that I love most about this book was the large amount of characters and how their lives cross and relate to each other. Claudia Hall Christian does an excellent job of introducing the characters slowly so that you are not overwhelmed with names. When a character is introduced they get enough of an introduction to make them memorable.

The large character list also allows for twists and turns and action. This book is full of everything; action, romance, emotions, death and even psychics! Talk about a surprise! Several of the characters have psychic abilities including the deceased Celia. I don't want to say much more about this book because I hate spoilers. I absolutely loved Celia's Puppies (I am so addicted) and think you should buy it. Immediately. If you would like to read Claudia Hall Christian's current serial fiction posts (after you read Denver Cereal and Celia's Puppies of course) go to DenverCereal.com. I am going to wait for the hard copies so I can read in bed. : )

I also want to mention real quick that the author Claudia Hall Christian does a lot of charity work and is a great person. I have been working with her the last few months and she is super sweet and helpful. If you read any of her blogs, make sure you leave her a comment! 


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