Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cool Father's Day Gift: Spike Your Juice Review

Are you looking for a super cool Father's Say gift that won't break the bank? Spike Your Juice is a great solution. If you Father likes to drink alcohol, particularly wine...this is for him. This kit makes it easy and fun to turn your juice into wine (you must be 21 to purchase)!

Each $9.99 Kit comes with:
• 6 Packets
• 6 Bottle Labels
• 1 Airlock
• 1 Rubber Stopper
• Instructions & Fun Recipes

* Makes "SIX" 64 oz bottles *


1. pick your juice- choose a 64oz bottle of your favorite juice that has the following: 
minimum sugar content of 20g/serving 
no refrigerated juices 
no artificially sweetened juices 
no unfiltered juices
 For best results use Grape, Cranberry, Pomegranate or any Blend thereof by Welch’s or Ocean Spray

2. Spike your juice
pour packet into juice
no stirring necessary
DISCARD original bottle cap
fill out and attach supplied Label

3. Seal with airlock
fill Airlock with water to Fill Line
seal bottle with Airlock and Rubber Stopper
store at room temperature
After 48 hrs start sampling
If satisfied, close bottle with Rubber Stopper, refrigerate and enjoy
for a stronger and dryer taste with increased alcohol content, re-seal with Airlock and Rubber Stopper and continue storing at room temperature until satisfied
Spike Your Juice was super easy and fun to use and it worked! I choose a Cranberry and Raspberry juice to use since it was what I had in the house at the time. It was simple to get the juice "spiked" following the 3 steps above. The hardest part was waiting the 48 hours (and hoping my cats did not get into it). Once the time was up, I checked my juice. It was definitely wine! It was a little bitter for my taste and I think that is because of the flavor of juice that I used. They recommend using grape, cranberry or pomegranate. I have a bottle of grape that I plan on making next (once the cranberry raspberry wine is gone). I definitely recommend this as a cheap, yet fun gift. Go here to buy Spike Your Juice. 


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