Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easy as Pi by Jamie Buchan Review


Count the ways . . .

Have you ever stopped to think how many countless ways we use numbers? From the ring of the alarm clock in the morning to the numbers triggering our cell phones, our world is designed with numbers in mind. With Easy as Pi, you'll get the 4-1-1 on the fascinating origin of many of the numbers we use or read about every day.

  • What makes "cloud nine" and "seventh heaven" so blissful?

  • Why is number 7 so lucky and 13 so unlucky?

  • Is "fourth-dimensional thinking" really out of this world?

  • What prompted Ray Bradbury to call his novel Fahrenheit 451?

  • How did 007 become James Bond's number?
For the math averse: Be not afraid. Easy as Pi is not a textbook but rather a lively look at the derivation of numerical expressions and their inescapable influence on our culture -- from book titles to bus schedules. To sum it up, Easy as Pi equals one clever and often hilarious collection.

pub date: 2010-04-15 | hardcover | 9781606521342


I have always been one of the people that thinks Algebra is fun. When I graduated High School I had double the required amount of Math classes. So, when I was asked to review Easy as Pi, I naturally said yes. This is by no means a Math book. It is more of an informational book that deals with numbers. The book is full of fun facts and many things that you would love to know about and may not even realize it (like how the movies 8 Mile and 12 Monkeys got their names, or the origin of the Pentagram).

I found this book very interesting and full of great information. I started talking to my Husband about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and he even wanted to see it (he HATES Math)! It makes a great coffee table or bathroom reading book. It is best when read little pieces at a time. I have skipped and skimmed and read just about the entire book in a week. A few times I ended up taking it with me to work because I was interested in reading more. Whether or not you like numbers, they are a part of everyday life. You should learn a little more about them the fun way: read Easy as Pi! 

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