Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Monday: 30 Seconds to Mars

You may only know Jared Leto as an actor, but for the past 12 years he has been the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars (which also includes his brother Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević). Their music is best described as Alternative, but it is very unique. I admit that I only occasionally listened to them until last December when I saw them live. I was more excited to see Jared Leto and didn't really appreciate 30 Seconds to Mars as much as I should've. After seeing them live, they moved way up my list to one of my top 3 bands. Yes, they are that good! 

Jared is an amazing actor, but he is even better on stage. He originally wanted to be a musician and it shows. The best thing about their performances and the thing that makes them #1 as far as live performances in my book is their interaction with the crowd. I will explain in a bit. 

First of all, I want to say that Jared is weird, eccentric and beautiful. I have seen him with just about every hair style and color possible (currently a "pomegranate" mohawk..aka pink). I was a little upset when I first realized he was going to have a pink mohawk for this concert, but he was still hot as hell. : ) He has also gained about 80 pounds to do a movie role and then lost all the weight back off. He paints his fingernails (currently blue) and sometimes wears eyeliner (which I am a sucker for...on the right guy). Basically, he feeds on my inner punk self and I love it!  Here are a just a few of his different looks (pink mohawk farther down):

The 3rd pic is when he was younger and played Jordan in My So Called Life. The 4th pic is the only look of his I haven't really liked.

Anyways, on to the concert 4/28/10 at the House of Blues in Orlando. Neon Trees opened (they are really good! Check them out and listen to Animal or 1983). Then, Mutemath (the only really great thing about them was their drummer. Most of us couldn't wait for them to get off the stage). Followed by the real reason for everyone coming: 30 Seconds to Mars.

They started off with a white sheet hanging over the stage and Jared's silhouette shining through as they played Escape (which seems to have been created for this purpose). It drove everyone nuts and had a cool effect. Then, the curtain dropped and the fun and the madness began. Jared whipped through the first 2-3 songs before he said anything. Then, once he started reacting with the crowd, he didn't stop. He told us all that we were guaranteed the best night of our lives and you can tell that he really did try to make it happen. He started to point to individual people and he said "People think I can't see you when I am on stage...I see you...and you..and you". That was cool. Then, he cleverly had Shannon and Tomo distract us while he snuck into the center of the crowd. Jared took requests for songs and even had us singing Freebird. It was hilarious. He made his way back through the crowd stoppong at points to sing. How many artists do you know that do this?:

I was up on the balcony this time, so I didn't get very close to him. : (  Last December though, I was in the mosh pit and he came down really close to me. Back to the concert again...Jared continued to interact with us all night. He had one part where he was making us sing really high notes and then drop it down low. It was fun and hilarious because he kept messing with us. Then, for the last song (Kings and Queens) he let at least 30 people up on stage. He basically thanked the security guards and then said "If you can get on stage, do it now". It was insane! I have never seen a musician do that either.

So to summarize...why 30 Seconds to Mars Rocks:

1. Jared Leto!
2. They come down into the crowd
3. They allow people on stage
4. They put fan's pictures on their cd covers
5. Their music is unique and amazing
6. They know how to put on an amazing show
7. They tell record companies to screw off
8-10: Jared Leto! : ) 

By the way I will be uploading all my current pics and I have my pics from last December on my Personal Facebook, feel free to add me if you would like.


Laura PARING DOWN said...

What a cool concert! Glad you have been able to see such a great band multiple times.

Happy Monday!

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