Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tell Me More Thursday

Opps....where did Tuesday go? I managed to forget to post this on Tuesday, so I am posting it today instead. Please feel free to e-mail or comment with questions you have or would like me to answer.

1. What are your hobbies? I have many. I love going to concerts and music (as you probably know!), scrapbooking, walking, playing mafia wars on facebook, baseball, playing tennis, blogging (duh), movies and spending time with my family.

2. What is your favorite fruit? Hmm..I love fruit. I would have to say either Kiwi or Strawberries. Cherries and Grapes are runners up. : )

3. How old are you? 26. I turn 27 in July. 

4. If you could meet ANY celebrity, who would it be? Mark Hoppus! Jared Leto and Johnny Depp are my 2nd and 3rd choices. Mark wins by a landslide though! I was crazy about him when I was about 13 and I am still a HUGE fan.

5. What are your bad habits? Hmm..I don't brush my teeth enough. I eat too much fast food. I am also really really cranky in the morning. Is that a bad habit? Can't really think of any other ones.

6. What is going on this week? Well, the weekend is pretty much over for me now. We watched some baseball, went out to dinner and saw Robin Hood. Robin Hood was pretty good. It didn't feel like Robin Hood really, but it was a great movie. Now, back to work tonight.

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