Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What the Future Holds....

I am going to be turning 27 next month and it has me stressing! I'm not stressed about the age, or anything. I am just stressed because I feel like I should have been done with school by now. I should have 1, maybe 2 little ones running around (I mean babies, not dogs). Those little ones should even be old enough to be sleeping in twin beds instead of cribs. Instead, I am at a point in my life where I have no idea what I want to do career wise. I decided I do not want to be a Pharmacist. I'm just not sure what I want, but I want to do it soon. I would like to stay in the medical field, but I don't want to be a Doctor or a Nurse. The only thing I really enjoy doing right now is blogging, and that doesn't pay the bills. Sigh. I hope I figure something out soon. 

Now for the future of this blog.....

Even when I do start school again (hopefully this fall) and do have a Baby (hopefully within 2 years) I plan on keeping this blog running. I may have to cut back on giveaways and reviews at some point, but not anytime soon. Speaking of giveaways....want to know some of the ones I have planned for the future?

*Anti Monkey Butt 
*Ocean Nasal Products
*Golden Moon Tea
*Corel Paint It!
*Rohto Eye Drops
*Brugo Mug
*More CafePress Giveaways
*Ceiva Digital Picture Frames (around September for this one)
*Snikiddy Snacks

and much more! So stayed tuned my friends.

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