Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Deals and Anniversary Oh My!

I've been enjoying my vacation, but I have been BUSY! Yesterday we went to LOTS of yard sales followed by a Flea Market (this is the first time we have been able to go all year because we work both Friday and Saturday overnights). Today is our 3 year Wedding Anniversary (8 years total...Wow!). We started it off by heading back to the Flea Market and picking up some things we missed yesterday. Then we came home to watch the Rays game. Tonight we are going to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse that we have been wanting to try forever. So, it has been a busy but wonderful day. I am sunburned and sore from walking so much, but it is blissful pain. : ) 

So, What did we pick up in our yard sales/ flea market trips?

A Wireless Router ($1)
A 2nd much better Router once we realized the first one was crap (Linksys Wireless-G) ($10)
An HP All in One Printer ($5)
About 12 books ($1-$1.50 each, with one new release book for $3)
A PC Game package with 5 games for Hubby ($2)
A Huge package of Mushrooms, 1 pound of Grapes, Bushel of Apples ($5 total)
A HUGE thing of Tomatoes, the best Plums I have ever eaten and a TON of Bing Cherries ($11 total)

All of the produce was really fresh and amazing looking. I really have no idea what to do with all of these Tomatoes though, Any Ideas? Of course, I will use them on salads and sandwiches. I also almost bought a cheap rip off Coach purse and a huge cast iron skillet, but I refrained. : ) 

Feel free to share your finds from this weekend! I would love to hear them.

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