Thursday, September 23, 2010

Operation California is a Go!!

I did it!! I worked about 140 hours of overtime in less than 4 months to pay for my dream vacation! I am off to California! I will be spending tomorrow around LA and Hollywood. Saturday and Sunday are going to mainly be spent at Epicenter Twenty Ten where I will get to see my 3 favorite bands along with a lot of other amazing bands. Monday I will be at a taping of Jay Leno and then chilling in the Santa Monica area. I will be spending all of Tuesday flying home. More than likely, I will not be posting during this time. So, have a great weekend and week. I will have plenty of pictures and giveaways for you when I get back!

If you want to read more about my California trip and Epicenter you can read here. I recommend reading from the bottom up to make it more clear. Au Revoir for now my friends! : )

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