Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Cards with Shutterfly

What do you envision as your perfect Christmas card? I personally love photo cards. They add a huge amount of personality. You turn a card into a keepsake just by adding your family photo. This also guarantees that your loved ones will not receive the same card from you that they received from Aunt Maye. I also like my Christmas cards to look like Christmas cards. They should have red and/or green with maybe some cute holiday pictures (Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer, etc.). I am also a huge fan of scrapbooking. I always like the "scrapbook look" on cards, wall calenders, collage photos and any other photo products I make. Basically, I like very cute, unique and personalized Christmas cards. Here are a few that I love and why I like them: 

Bright City Lights Christmas Card
I adore this card! It definitely has a scrapbook feel to it. The red highlights certain areas of the card and brings in the Christmas feel without overwhelming the nostalgic effect. It also has the perfect amount of room for a nice family photo.

All in Lights Christmas Card
I really love this card! It reminds me of a really neat postcard. I love that it has seven picture slots. You could mix and match your pictures, do one picture for each family member and fill the rest in with family shots or even showcase your newborn baby in different Christmas shots. This card gives you a lot of possibilities while still looking nice and adding that Christmas flare. 

Confetti Flowers Christmas Card
How could you not love this design? It is a clean and fresh look, yet it still has a scrapbook feel. It plays on the Christmas colors perfectly by alternating them into the design and text. I think if I ordered this card I would want a picture similar to the one already on the card. It would be fun to take your little one outside and recreate a similar picture (bright red shirt and green grass in the background). 

Starlight Palms Christmas Card

Black and White staggered pictures alternating with bright boxes of color make this card very nostalgic while keeping it a perfect card for Christmas. This card would be great for me because I live in Florida (note the Palm Trees). I like that it has the red for Christmas along with another color (blue; my favorite). This makes it to where you know it is a Christmas card, but it is unique and different.

What will you pick for your Christmas cards? I am still deciding. Visit Shutterfly for hundreds of wonderful Christmas cards and pick yours today.

Disclaimer: I will receive 50 free cards from Shutterfly for this post (you can too if you are a blogger: ) . I was compensated in no other way. The views and opinions stated here are my own honest thoughts.

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