Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Instant Win Games

Do you ever play any Instant Win Games? If so, do you win often? I have played several in the past and some of them I win right away, others I can't seem to win no matter how much I play. Regardless of if you win or lose, instant win games are fun and you have a chance to win some great freebies. I am going to try to keep a running list of current instant win games on my blog (in order by end date). Please let me know if you know of any iwg's that I have missed. Also, let me know if you win! I have not had any luck with the current one's, but I know people that have won t-shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, a month supply of toaster strudels, etc. Good Luck!

*Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - ends 1/12/11 (you can play this as much as you want, but it is difficult to win)

*Lindor Truffles- ends 02/05/11 (share your "dream" to get free code)

*Toaster Strudels - ends 02/11/11

*Heinz Ultimate Party- ends 02/11/11

*Halls - ends 03/31/11 (use the following UPC's 1254663239 and 1254663237 if you don't have any)

*Tony's - ends 04/09/11

*Cheerios - ends 06/28/11

I am going to link this post into my right sidebar to keep in easy to access. I will post about new IWG's as I find them. : )


Kara said...

I've won on the Hellman's game, the Halls game, the Quicken, and the Hostess. I keep a running spreadsheet of everything I win, that way I know who it was from, when it was won, and if I ever received it.

LB said...

Wow thanks! I jsut won an animal plush from Quicken :)

I also won a bag of halls but when i clicked on next it said the page coudln't be accessed :\

Anonymous said...

I love instant wins-I've won free credit monitoring from Quicken and a $25 GC from Little Caesars (haven't received it yet).

I hadn't seen a lot of these-thanks!