Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update: Free Herbal Essences Gift Sets + $4.99 Cash Back with Rebate

I was just looking at the form on the subscription page for the Herbal Essences gift package that I had posted about getting for $5 at Walmart, and you can receive a $9.99 rebate instead of a subscription! So, if you can snatch up one of these sets for $5 and get a $9.99 rebate, you can make $4.99 off of this deal. Wow! Too bad I signed up for Allure and gave away my other code before reading this form. This offer is only good if purchased by 12/31/10, so fill out this form quickly if you have been lucky enough to purchase one of these sets. Then mail the form along with a copy of your receipt and magazine redemption form to:

Conde Nast Special Programs
P&G Basket Program, PO box 37722
Boone, Iowa 50037-0722

**note: if you are able to convince a cashier to let you use a coupon, you could save even more. Also, you would still get the set free if you purchase it at full price before 12/31/10 (CVS or Walgreens anyone?)**

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