Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What An Amazing Weekend!

In Tampa, FL we have an amazing Rock/Alternative radio station called 97X. Every December they have an amazing concert with 12-14 bands plus 2 local bands called the Next Big Thing (NBT to locals). Guess what I did last weekend? That's right, I went the NBT 10. I know that it is already Wednesday, but I am still recovering! Here was the lineup:

*Set It Off (local band that already has fans around the US/World)
*Not Tonight Josephine (my favorite local band..these guys are amazing!)
*American Bang
*Finger Eleven
*A Day to Remember
*Paper Tongues
*Against Me!
*The Dirty Heads (with a surprise appearance by Rome of Sublime!)
*Sick Puppies
*Cage The Elephant
*The Black Keys

It was an amazing concert! My favorites were: Set It Off, Not Tonight Josephine (these two local bands were far better than some of the national bands!), Neon Trees (I am very biased...I love them!), Switchfoot and My Chemical Romance. Switchfoot was a lot of fun. The lead singer went up into the cheap seats and played a few songs up there. Then, when he came back to us in the pit he was jumping on the tall speakers and rocking out. 

My Chemical Romance was definitely my favorite. I have always loved them, but I have never seen them live. Gerard Way (the lead singer) has an incredible stage presence. He walked out on to the stage like he owned it and but on an amazing performance. He is super gorgeous and would do these little poses in between singing. I was in the pit and literally 4-5 feet away from him (security guards are always getting in my way!). They are definitely one of my favorite bands now. : )

Now for some pictures! If you want to see them all, add me as a friend on my personal Facebook they are all uploaded there:

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees (lead singer)

Switchfoot lead singer

Sick Puppies lead singer

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance!

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