Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ark Naturals BREATH-LESS Brushless-Toothpase Review

Ark Naturals is a company that provides Natural pet products that are focused on keeping your pets healthy and happy. As most of you know, I have an adorable 3 year old Chihuahua named Tequila. Tequila is spoiled rotten and often eats a lot of things that he shouldn't. He also can be difficult when it comes to certain things. One of the things that he will not stand for is having his teeth brushed. So, when I saw that Ark Naturals had these wonderful treats called BREATH-LESS Brushless-Toothpaste; I had to try them (or at least Tequila had to). Here is what they look like:

These wonderful treats have an outside that is hard and green and an inside that contains a toothpaste. They are designed to eliminate plaque, tartar and stinky breath! According to the Ark Naturals website: "between 80-85% of all dogs and cats begin to experience some form of dental decay by the time they are 2-3 years old". Yikes. I can now give my dog these treats and not have to worry about the fact that he won't let me brush his teeth (not to mention the fact that I don't like to brush anyone's teeth but my own!). 

The big question is: how do they taste? Let's ask Tequila:

Not only do they taste good, but they apparently taste GREAT! Tequila ate the first one so fast that I had to give him another one just to get enough pictures (he is devious like that). It says that you can give them 1-2 daily. He scarfed down the second treat quickly too. As far as stinky breath, tartar and plaque, Tequilas breath has not been stinky recently. However, his rarely is stinky. His teeth do look incredibly clean and shiny though. 
You can also give these treats to cats if they will eat them. My cats are picky and my dog tries to steal their treats, so I decided just to keep these for Tequila.

I love that I know my dog is getting all natural and healthy ingredients in these treats. They even list all of the ingredients (active and inactive) on their website in case your dog has an allergy. Sometimes dog treats and food look and smell scary. I often wonder what on earth they use to make them. With Ark Naturals, you don't have to worry. Their website also has a plethora of information on pets. It even has a spot where you can ask questions about your pets health problems. Visit Ark Naturals today and start making the right choices for your pet.

Disclaimer: I received the listed product(s) in exchange for this review. I was compensated in no other way. The thoughts here are my own honest opinions.

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