Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Costume Discounters Review

Nothing says sexy like dressing up in a costume and doing some role play. Instead of buying lingerie for your loved one, pick up a sexy costume from Costume Discounters. It is guaranteed to spice things up this Valentine's Day. They have costumes for all shapes and sizes, whether you need plus size costumes or sexy costumes to show off your assets.

Normally I go for a short and skimpy costume (think maid or nurse). This time however, I wanted a dark, mysterious, sexy costume. I have always been into vampire costumes. So, I decided to get the Plus Size Queen of Darkness Costume. This costume (pictured above) is super sexy. However, it isn't too revealing or short. I could wear it out to a costume party as well as in the bedroom. 

The costume comes with the dress, choker and a brooch that clips onto the center of the dress. When I first took this costume out of the bag, it was a little difficult figuring out where to stick which body parts. The sleeves are caps that help hold up the dress. The red sash flows freely and gets in the way, and the collar is attached to the dress. After a few minutes, I was able to figure it out and get everything situated. I did have a problem getting the collar to stay up. It kept falling in on me and would not stay erect no matter what I did. I then put on the choker which is very tight (it is after all, a choker) and I attached the brooch onto the dress like in the picture (it is the little brooch at the center of the waist).

When I made it in to show my Hubby, all he could do was laugh at me. It was sexy, but the collar falling all over me was too much. We agreed that this costume was best without the collar. I decided I am going to remove it and sew a ribbon in it's place to keep the dress up. Despite my issues, Hubby still thought I looked sexy and I still liked the costume.

The dress is super soft and comfortable. The cut of the dress combined with the flowing red sash makes this costume very flattering for larger Women. It is also well made. It does run a little small. I ordered it in what should have been a little big on me and I had lost 10 pounds before receiving it. Despite this, it just fit me perfect. So, you may want to order a size up.

You may also want to go with an even sexier, naughtier costume than I did if you really want to get things steamy. Here are some of my favorite super sexy costumes that they have:

Surprise your lover this Valentine's Day with a sexy treat that you will both enjoy and that you will be able to use over and over again: a sexy Costume Discounters outfit!

Disclaimer: I received the listed product(s) in exchange for this review. I was compensated in no other way. The thoughts here are my own honest opinions.

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