Saturday, February 26, 2011

Want To Know In ADVANCE If You Should Buy Extra Sunday Newspapers?

If you cut coupons every week, then you probably find yourself falling behind and slacking now and again. Cutting coupons can be a tedious task! Have you ever found yourself wishing you had realized last weeks paper had so-and-so coupon in it on Sunday so you could have bought extra papers? Only problem is that it is now Tuesday and you can't find a paper? Well, you can avoid all of this by just spending a few minutes every week on Sunday Coupon Preview. This website posts the following Sunday's inserts a few days in advance. Go there now to see tomorrow's coupons! I also sometime buy coupons on ebay if they are REALLY good coupons. You can often get about 20 of the same coupon for $1-$2. If it is a Free coupon or a $4 off coupon and you will use at least a few of them before they expire, it is definitely worth it. Feel free to share any other tips that you may have. We are frugal, but we are also sometimes slackers. : ) 

note: I am posting this for the benefit of my readers. I was not compensated and I am in no way related to the above website. I just think it is super useful!

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