Monday, February 21, 2011

Wedding and Gallstones, Oh My!

Us before the wedding...

Take 2

The wedding was amazing! Well, actually the reception was amazing. The ceremony was just for immediate family and Bridal party. There was a fantastic DJ and a great band. The Bride was incredibly beautiful, but I don't want to post any pictures just yet. She had two beautiful white dresses and her hair was incredible! It was sort of twisted and to the side. So pretty. I want to get permission before I post any pics or extra info. So, you are stuck with pics of just us for now. 
They had a sit down "buffet style" dinner including grilled chicken, ribs, baked potatoes, salad and garlic pita bread. I was good and avoided the carbs with the food. However, I did NOT avoid them with the alcohol. I had some wine, some more wine, a little pale ale, more wine, and then "shots shots shots", followed by...more red wine. I ended up drinking about 4 shots and at least a bottle or two of red wine. I vaguely remember a few conversations with people that I sort of know. I remember hugging one person and telling her I love her (sorry Katie!). Then, I remember twisting my ankle and falling. Yikes! I am still limping around now and had to use a crutch all day yesterday. My foot is now a nice purple and slightly larger than normal. The knee too. Hopefully the cameras did not catch any of that. They seemed to be pretty focused on the Bride, so I should be safe. I also still have a bit of a headache and hangover, so excuse any typos please! : )

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share a drunk pic?

Sadly, I had A LOT more to drink after this picture!

Anyways, now that you all think I am a crazy drunk, I talked to my Doc today. I DO have gallstones. I am going to meet with the surgeon tomorrow to set up an operation and have my gallbladder removed. In a way, it is a blessing. I am really sick of being nauseous, having stomach pain, being bloated, having hot flashes, etc. Now I FINALLY know what has been causing so many problems for me. At the same time, I am not looking forward to another operation. I hoped that my first two operations would be my last two. However, I am told that it is a pretty easy operation. I also was told I would experience some yucky side effects, but I would lose a lot of weight. I just hope it solves my problems. Sigh. 27 and falling apart....


Sarah Lynne said...

Hi Crystal,

I don't want to gross you out, but I had a lot of problems after the surgery. I had my gall bladder removed last year, and I haven't been the same since.

Food will go right through you, and you will need to be near bathrooms often. I also hope that if you want to loose weight (which you don't need too!!) then you will be able to. I have not lost any sense the surgery and I have tried and tried.

I had four incisions made and two of them still bother me a little.

I really, really hope for your sake that you do not have any problems from this surgery.

Best of luck!!


Sandy @ Journey To Our Home said...

I've been thinking about you and your surgery... I'm not sure when you were able to schedule it, but I hope everything goes/went well. And that you have a speedy recovery.

Good luck and know your readers care about you!
I mean, who is going to host such awesome giveaways! (just kidding)!!