Thursday, March 31, 2011

New and Easier Way to Enter My Giveaways (Hopefully!)

Hello everyone! I am trying to make it easier to enter my giveaways by using Google Docs (see the new Propel Zero giveaway below!). I am brand new to Google Docs (just touched it for the first time this morning) and still learning how to do things. For now, I am keeping entries simple. Each mandatory entry and each extra entry is worth 1 until I figure out how to do multiple entries. I am also at a loss on tweeting. I think I may make it to where you can fill out the form multiple times for tweets in the future, or find a way to add extra entries for tweets into the spreadsheet from comments and still keep it fair. For now, I am having the Propel Zero giveaway limited to one tweet. Future giveaways will have daily tweets available.
I am definitely open to advice or suggestions (and HELP if you are someone that uses Google Docs). I am doing this FOR MY READERS to try to make it easier on you. So, please give me feedback. Do you like the new way of entering? What would you change about it? Do you know of a form/ survey generator that would be better than Google Docs? Tell me how you would like to enter. : )

1 comment:

Elle said...

I don't like those forms. That won't stop me from entering but might stop me from doing extra entries. Depends on how you have it set up.