Saturday, June 4, 2011

40 Days of Rock at Seminole Hard Rock with Seven Mary Three

If you have not been to Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa, FL then you are missing out! Right now they are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Hard Rock and they are having some amazing events, specials and giveaways (go here to read my post about it!). Included in the festivities are two amazing concerts. I was invited to the first concert last week with platinum artist Seven Mary Three.

Seven Mary Three is a band that I have loved for years, but I have never had the chance to see them live. If the name of the band sounds familiar, download "Cumbersome" or "Water's Edge" or even "Wait". Trust me, if you have listened to rock at all in the last 15 years you know who they are. I was really excited to see them for the first time at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe. After my previous experience of watching The Flats, I knew that the Hard Rock Cafe was definitely designed with concerts in mind. They have the acoustics, lighting and set-up to host an amazing concert.

Lead singer Jason Ross

Seven Mary Three was great live. They have some amazing guitar work that draws you into the concert even if you are not feeling well or don't know their songs (my Hubby was REALLY sick this day and he still really enjoyed the concert because of the guitar work). Lead singer Jason Ross sounds great live and has a good stage presence. He also has a pretty wicked beard. Lol. They made me happy by mixing up their set with new music and some older songs including Cumbersome (my favorite) and Water's Edge. They know how to rock out and I would definitely love to see them again.

The thing that I loved most about this concert was that you could sit in a booth towards the middle of the Hard Rock Cafe and still have a great seat. We were down on the floor in the action because that is what I prefer, but it was nice to have that option. In the general admission area on the floor, there was plenty of room. We could have easily fit more people in and we weren't packed in like sardines. I could have even been right up against the stage if I wanted to. Everyone was hanging out where they preferred whether it was at the bar, in a booth, at a table or on the floor. It is a very laid back, comfortable, yet personable concert setting. I would definitely recommend Seven Mary Three and Seminole Hard Rock of Tampa to everyone. What are you waiting for?  Seminole Hard Rock is ALWAYS open. Go have some fun and join in on the 40th Anniversary Celebration. 

June 23rd Everclear will be at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe of Tampa! Go here to buy tickets ($28).

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of tickets to the Seven Mary Three concert courtesy of Seminole Hard Rock. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions here are 100% my own thoughts.

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