Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enter to Win a Free Limited Edition Tee from Smirnoff

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE Smirnoff? They have always been one of my favorite brands. In fact Smirnoff vodka was always my drink of choice at parties because I liked how I could do a shot with a male friend and not make "the face" that most people make when they drink vodka straight. Now, I am older and only drink it occasionally straight (with "the face" lol), but I still love it. Smirnoff Ice is another favorite. Anyways, to enter to win the free T-shirt like Smirnoff on Facebook and click on the "Enter to Win" tab. They will email you if you win! I entered late last night before I went to bed and I found out that I won this morning! Good luck.

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