Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crystal's Favorites Part 1

I decided I am going to start a new post called Crystal's Favorites. My intention for this post is to talk about products that I really love without influence from the companies that make them. I always give 100% honest reviews just like most bloggers out there. What we don't do is give follow up reviews. Sometimes we may like a product, but we don't like it enough to purchase it ourselves. Other times, I get a free product to review and become addicted and order it regularly. I am also going to feature some products that I have not reviewed in the past that I really love.

These posts come with a huge promise from me to you: A company can not pay for or influence these posts in any way (by form of money, product or any other compensation). Since I am always 100% honest with you, that of course still applies. I will also link all of these posts to the original reviews and the previous Crystal's Favorites. I will also keep these short since you already know I love the product and can read my original reviews.


Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce (see original review here) was one of the very first things I reviewed on this blog. Since then I have ordered a case of the regular All Purpose Sauce, a half a case of the Spicy All Purpose Sauce, a half a case of the Seasoning Salt and about another dozen bottles at my local Walmart once they started carrying it. I am super addicted to this sauce. I even have my family members addicted now. I use it on hamburgers, in burritos, in meatloaf, on french fries and on pretty much anything that needs a condiment. You need to try this sauce! Visit their website for a free coupon (most Walmart's carry it now!)

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