Thursday, July 21, 2011

Milo's Kitchen Review and Giveaway

**Update/NOTE: As of 2012 some concerns have been raised about the chicken treats which are made in China. Please do your research before purchasing the chicken**

Milo's Kitchen dog treats are treats designed for people like me that like to feed their pets nothing but the best. They are made with 100% real meat and contain no artificial colors or flavors. They are even made by Del Monte Foods who is "one of the country’s largest and most well-known producers, distributors and marketers of premium quality, branded pet products and food products for the U.S. retail market". I trust Del Monte to make delicious and healthy food for me, so I definitely trust them to make great pet food.

Milo's Kitchen sent me all four varieties to try:

*Beef Jerky (15oz bag)
*Beef Sausage Slices with Rice (18oz bag)
*Chicken Meatballs (3oz bag)
*Chicken Jerky (3.3oz bag)

The moment I carried the package into the door, Tequila (my chihuahua) started going nuts. He does these cute little circle flips. Well, he started flipping and sniffing the air. I guess he could smell them through the packaging. I knew then that we were going to test them out right away. My Husband helped me to open the packages and "feed the beast" and he was amazed at just how good these treats smell. He said that he was tempted to eat one and try them (much to Tequila's pleasure he did not!). 

Before I get into the actual testing I want to mention a few things about Tequila: he is picky. If he gets a treat he so-so likes, he will only eat it if he has to and can't scam another treat out of us. If he doesn't like something (there have been a lot of treats that he hasn't), then he will not have anything to do with it. Sometimes he will even turn his nose up at his favorite treats just to get another option (Hubby just keeps giving him treats until he seems to have one he wonder why he is so chunky!).

So, now that you know about my finicky dog, lets get to the tasting. First up: the Chicken Meatballs. These look just like meatballs that we would eat and they smell pretty good too. Tequila grabbed the meatball as soon as I set it down and ate it so fast that I couldn't get a picture. I had to give him another one to get this shot:

and .003 seconds later:

Ohh My...he isn't a very graceful eater, is he?

Needless to say, Tequila approves! I was amazed that he didn't try to get another treat out of us first. There were four bags there and he is known for being manipulative. I guess the chicken meatballs were too good to risk us stealing them back. : )

Next up, the Beef Sausage Slices with Rice. These smelled really good too and they look just like kielbasa or smoked sausage only with rice added to the meat. Tequila's thoughts?

Yes, Tequila also devoured the sausage slices without hesitation and in record time. He tried the Beef Jerky next. The Beef Jerky is broken up into smaller pieces, so it was a little difficult to get a picture of him attacking it. I think he may have swallowed them whole. Lol.

My brave Hubby holds until the Beef Jerky for a full 45 seconds just so I can get you a picture!
That is one happy dog!

Last but not least, is what I believe to be Tequila's favorite: Chicken Jerky (Not that I can really tell because he seems to love them all equally, but he is known for loving chicken jerky. Plus, if it takes actual work to chew & Tequila still finishes it (he is a lazy dog), then he must REALLY love it). He finished the Chicken Jerky in under a minute which is pretty impressive considering his size and the size of the jerky:

planning his attack
receiving an assist from his Dad
Puppy heaven! (Okay, so he is not a puppy anymore, but he will always be my baby!)

Tequila loves Milo's Kitchen because they taste amazing and they are just like the food that we eat. I love Milo's Kitchen because they are 100% real treats. I don't have to worry about anything being unsafe or causing allergies. There are few ingredients, and they are natural. Milo's Kitchen also lists all of the ingredients, the recommended max treats daily based on weight size and the percentage of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and moisture on each package. If you want to view these stats before buying, they are also listed online.


One lucky winner is going to have very happy dogs when they win the same products that I received! This includes:

*Beef Jerky (15oz bag)
*Beef Sausage Slices with Rice (18oz bag)
*Chicken Meatballs (3oz bag)
*Chicken Jerky (3.3oz bag)

Mandatory Entry:

Tell me which variety you think your dog(s) would love the most

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Disclaimer: I received the mentioned product(s) in exchange for this review. I was not compensated in any other way. The thoughts here are my own honest opinions.