Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Free Slap Watches or Free Teeth Whitening Pen

Go here and sign up for a SaveMore account. You will receive a $10 credit which you can then use to purchase either 3 1 slap watch (note: it is $7 for both 1 slap watch or 3 slap watches, this may be a typo that will be fixed, so buy soon!) or for a teeth whitening pen ($8). Free shipping is included with both deals. You will have to insert your credit card information to buy the deal. I have already used this company several times & they have not charged my card for anything.

update: I received an email that they converted all 3 watch orders to 1 watch due to the typo. You can still get 1 watch for free, but not 3.

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tawndam said...

Thanks for the heads up!