Friday, August 5, 2011

Pet Rider Review

Pet Rider is an amazing seat cover designed to protect your vehicle from your pets dirty paws, fur, claws and urine. As soon as I read about Pet Rider I knew that I wanted one. We went on vacation 2 years ago with our dog Tequila. He was great in the car except for one instance. We had never left our dog in the car by himself before. We were in the middle of the back roads of Virginia and food options were rare. So, we decided to leave him in the car with the windows rolled down slightly. As we were walking back to the car afterwards, Tequila was flipping out. He was not happy about being left by himself. My Husband thought it would be funny to scare him (Men!!). Needless to say, he freaked out even more and he peed everywhere. It was a mess! We had a pet bed and blanket along with some luggage in the backseat. All of it was covered in urine. Yuck. It was a mess to clean up. If we had owned a Pet Rider this wouldn't have been an issue.

Check out this Pet Rider video (note, if you are reading via Reader or email, visit my website to view the video):

This is such a great idea! They also executed it really well. There are adjustable straps that go over the headrests to hold the Pet Rider up the back of the seat for full back seat coverage. There are Velcro slits for seatbelts. and there is a zippered skirt at the bottom of the pet rider to make it fit around a raised center console. The material is thin, but sturdy. It can be cleaned quickly with a washcloth, sponge or paper towel. It is also machine washable.

The Pet Rider was easily and quickly installed in my car. Tequila didn't seem to notice it and was just thrilled to be going for another car ride. After I took him out of the car I realized just how much hair (and some mud) he gets in the car. Since we don't have kids and really only use our backseat for Tequila and packages/groceries, it is becoming a permanent fixture in our car. It protects our seat from not only Tequila, but other spills and environmental factors (rain!). We can also remove it in a jiffy if we need to.

I definitely recommend the Pet Rider if you have an animal. You can also use it on your bed, couch or any area you want protected. You can buy 2 Pet Riders plus a bonus surprise gift for just $14.99 + $6.99 Shipping and Handling. It is definitely worth it!

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