Friday, August 12, 2011

Sephora VS. Smashbox Birthday #Freebies

If you read my post about Birthday Freebies, then you know that both Sephora and Smashbox had some pretty amazing Birthday Freebies with purchase. I love both companies, but they are expensive. I mostly "window shop" (a.k.a. online drool) at their products. So, I decided to spend some of my Birthday cash to get these freebies and I wanted to share with you the results.


*Purchased: $5 Nail Polish Trio
*Shipping cost: $5.95 for cheapest shipping option
*Total Spent: $11.30
*Could have spent as low as: $7.02 (there are $1 nail files that you could use to get your freebie!)
*Bonus sample: I found a coupon code for Bobbi Brown Foundation packets (3)
*Shipping Time: 5 days, although I had to wait 8 days since that day was Friday and I wasn't home the first time UPS tried to deliver.
*Initial thoughts: a little disappointed. The nail polish bottles are SUPER small. I also thought the birthday freebie was 3 separate items. It turns out that it is one bottle that can be used as shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.
*Final thoughts: I am now happy with this order. Although it wasn't as great as I initially thought, it is still more than worth the $11. The Birthday Freebie is definitely the best part. It is Philosophy (which is an amazing and pricey brand) and I LOVE it as a shampoo. It also makes for really quick showers when you use it as both shampoo and shower gel. I searched Sephora and you can buy it for $16 for 16oz. So, this freebie has a value of about $6.


note: click on this picture to enlarge it

*Purchased: Lash DNA Mascara on sale for $14.25
*Shipping Cost: FREE
*Total Spent: $14.25
*Could have spent as low as: $10.50 was the cheapest item I could find 
*Shipping Time: 3 days
*Initial thoughts: Very happy and impressed! Not only was the free shipping super fast, but the freebie I got for being a Pretty Points Member was full sized in addition to my awesome Birthday gift! Their containers are also REALLY nice. 
*Final thoughts: 3 full size items, 2 really good mini's, a mini makeup bag and a sample are definitely worth the $14. I kind of wish I had spend more there and I definitely plan on buying from them again. I haven't tried the mascara yet, but everything else is great. The quality is obvious.


It is funny because after I first ordered I thought the Sephora freebie was a better deal. Once they arrived my mind changed drastically and I realized the Smashbox order was definitely better. With both companies I picked things that I would actually use for my order. I am glad I spent the extra $8. However, if your goal is to be as cheap as possible you can order both freebies for around $17. Also, make sure you search for coupon codes. They both email out codes quite often. In addition to your Birthday freebies, you get freebies for being a member of their program with every order. See my previous Birthday post for all the links for Birthday freebies. My advice to you on your Birthday? Order both! They are both worth the price and after all, it is your Birthday! : )


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