Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable Review and Giveaway


"Apricot Brown: Miss Undefinable is a hardback graphic novel combining catchy rhymes, hip dialogue and eye-popping 3D illustrations. AGES 7+ 

The poetic story revolves around Apricot Brown’s first day of school–a day of reckoning for most kids when they are scrutinized and judged by their new peers. But the title character dares the unthinkable: she declares her independence from homogeneous cliques and invites everyone to cross boundaries by “trying on” different cultures, racial identities and philosophies through a series of metamorphoses. Like any pioneer, Apricot Brown faces opposition. Will this opposition break the spirit of her new friends or will they outshine the “haters” by becoming the pioneers of the Remix Generation?"


The first thing I noticed about this book is how beautiful the illustrations are. This "graphic" novel has every page illustrated with bright colors that work wonderful with the actual content of the book. It would definitely hold the attention of a 7 year old and draw them into the story line. The story itself is a great story about the first day of school and how Apricot Brown declines to be in a clique and instead does her own thing. It talks about how she does not conform to any "norm". Instead she borrows from different cultures that she has experienced and adds them to her own style for a unique look. While these subjects are deep and can be intense for younger adults, the author (Dana Drucker-Solano) does it in a way kids can understand. It may come off as a little "cheesy" to adults, but it would be perfect for the targeted 7-12 year old audience.

I love that this book has ways for the child to truly make it theirs. There is a spot in the front of the book for them to write their name and an area in the back of the book to write down thoughts. The best pages though are two towards the back. The first one says "You can be anyone you want to be... Just be sure of yourself and love what you see." The second page has a spot for your child to place their picture. Not only are the words encouraging and meant to raise your child's self esteem, but they actually get to be a part of the book. That is really cool for a young girl!

Overall, I think this is a great book for young girls. I would suggest that parent's read it with their daughters for the first time and discuss it afterward to make sure they understood the meaning (especially younger girls). I would then follow it up with a discussion about some of their classmates that are "different" and whether or not they have learned anything from those individuals. America is a "melting pot" that could use a higher temperature and more melting. Even though all races and lifestyles are supposed to be equal, they are often not treated that way. Our children are the future and I have high hopes that they will lose the bias of past generations. People like Drucker-Solano help to make that happen and I applaud them.


Apricot Brown's website is very interactive. There is a really cool book preview video, wallpapers, Apricot Brown's theme song, activities and more. You can also follow Apricot Brown on Facebook and Twitter.


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