Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Bad Dog Book by Joni B. Cole

Another Bad Dog Book by Joni B. Cole is definitely NOT another bad dog book. It is more a memoir or collection of thoughts, but trust me when I say it is one that you want to read. To be honest, it has little to do with dogs. Cole only briefly mentions her family pets (and her hatred for bad dog books). This may be a good thing since dog lovers and PETA members will not appreciate the front cover which boldly displays a dog smoking a cigar. This picture is a more accurate depiction of the book than the title. This book is above all else, hilarious.

I would describe this book as being all the roll-on-the-floor-funny, embarrassing and just plain crazy stories that your female friends have told you compiled into one handy book. Except that these stories are well articulated by an imaginative and excellent writer and they have all the guilt, shame and modesty removed from them.

Joni B. Cole represents every American woman in this book. Forget Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, this book is a true look into a Woman’s mind. These are the insane, crazy, neurotic and absolutely wonderful thoughts that Women tend to have. Some of us suppress these thoughts and some of us only vocalize the more acceptable thoughts. Then there are wonderful Women like Cole who display every single thought and whim for the world to read in a hilarious novel. It is also kind of comforting as a Woman to read that a beautiful, thin, successful Mother and Wife (of a marriage of 25 years!) can be just as insecure, neurotic and crazy as the rest of us. It just goes to prove that all Women are all slightly wonderful and nuts

As you read this book and hear Joni (yes, we are on first name bases now) bare her sole,     you will come to cherish, adore and maybe even look up to Joni. There is a quote on the back of the book that states “Joni B. Cole makes you want to phone (not email) this new best girlfriend”. I completely agree with this statement. I had to restrain myself from contacting Joni and telling her stories about my life. Joni B. Cole is completely down to earth and relatable which adds a whole new dimension to the book.

For a great read that will have you smiling, laughing and reminiscing about your own craziness, pick up a copy of Another Bad Dog Book.

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Samantha said...

poor bad dogs! i love our bad dog- usually :P

Beckvalleybooks said...

This sounds great, going to have to check it out !!