Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Surprises - Scare Your Guests With Hidden Decor and Props That Aren't What They Seem

Halloween is a time to spook and scare your friends and family, and these hidden Halloween decorations help you do just that. Best of all, these crafts are very cheap or free to make. Discover the fun, do-it-yourself crafts that will give your guests a fright from the places they least expect it.

A Talking Pumpkin Goes BOO! In the Night

If you have an old baby monitor lying around, this is a simple and fun way to give your guests the chills. Carve a pumpkin as you normally would and simply tuck the baby monitor inside. A strategically placed accomplice can hide in a place where they can see the pumpkin, but can't be seen, and can give guests a scare as they go by.

Scary Silhouette Surprise

Silhouettes are easy to make and require only a large piece of black paper and a pair of scissors. Decide on the type you want to make - it can be anything from bats, to a witch to a creepy couple dancing at night. Cut the shape out of your black paper and tape to a window in a room you won't be using. Keep the lights off until the perfect time, flip the switch and watch the startled faces of your approaching guests as they see a spooky scene silhouetted in the window. For bonus scares, swap out the lighting with red bulbs.

A Creepy Mirror That Reflects the Past

This project is a little more involved but it has a huge payout. You'll need:

  • An old photograph
  • An old framed mirror you can find at any second-hand store
  • Razor blade

Begin by dismantling the mirror from the frame. Cut the old photograph to fit within the frame. Then turn the mirror over and begin scraping off the back - but not too much! You'll soon scrape through the mirrored part and be left with just glass. Keep this ragged because you want the result to be subtle. Once you've scrapped off enough, tape the picture onto the back of the mirror so it peeks through and replace it in the frame.

The result? A regular but old mirror, with the hint of a spooky face staring at you from the past. If you're careful not to scrape too much of the mirror off, your guests might look at the mirror a dozen times before they notice something strange is afoot.

These crafts are an inexpensive yet fantastic way to give your friends and neighbors a scare. They're also a great way to get the family together to create fun, unique decor. Each of the above projects are easy to personalize with your own special mark.

Written by Chris Molnar, a writer and stay at home Dad. Chris is a huge Halloween affictianado and edits a Halloween decor site with DIY projects, crafts, recipes and costumes. He also offers an Halloween party guide for adults called Party Halloween, and he's giving away 5 copies here.

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