Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tubular Tunes on Tuesday **00's Edition**

It is time for Tubular Tunes on Tuesday again with my friends Krystal and Jen! If you have been wanting to link up, you are running out of time to join. These are the dates left (including today):

November 22nd *** 00s
November 29th *** Current
December 6th *** Bonus Week: Soundtracks

I have to admit that a lot of these songs I thought were in the 90's. It is hard to believe that some of my favorite bands that I have been listening to FOREVER were started in the 2000's. Ohh and just to warn you, my 00 list is NOT very mainstream. : )

BLINK-182 - Always
Of course, my favorite band has to be listed first. Would you expect anything less? Although my favorite album is definitely Dude Ranch, Blink had a lot of great music in the 2000's. Always is definitely one of my top 5 Blink-182 songs. I Miss You was a runner-up.

Lucky Boys Confusion- Bossman
Krystal and myself were obsessed with this band in High School (and early college for me). We have seen them live together about 4-5 times. They are very talented and sweet. Unfortunately, LBC only plays occasionally in Chicago now. I miss them like crazy and still listen to their stuff quite often. You should also listen to Fred Astaire and Hey Driver.

Something Corporate - Punk Rock Princess
This was my theme song my freshman year of college! It was even the song I had to play on repeat on my first website. I was REALLY into Punk and Emo. I have always loved Something Corporate and secretly hope for them to ditch their side projects and focus on a new cd (even though I also like Andrew's current band Jack's Mannequin.). Cool fact: Krystal, my step brother Brandon (RIP) and myself were at a huge local concert (97x's Next Big Thing) where Something Corporate was playing. I made a really awful homemade shirt that said "I will be your Punk Rock Princess (front) and you can be my garge band king (back)" and one of the band members came up to me and said "love your shirt".

Jimmy Eat World- A Praise Chorus
Jimmy Eat World is another band that I have seen with Krystal. I discovered them when I was about 12 or 13 and obsessed with Mark Hoppus. I read an interview where he said that Jimmy Eat World was his favorite band. I ordered the CD and fell in love with the band. Bleed American (retitled as "Jimmy Eat World" after 9-11) is my second all time favorite album after Blink-182's Dude Ranch. The "Crimson and Clover" chorus in this song puts me into a good mood regardless of what has happened in my life. You may know Sweetness and The Middle...listen to them.

Midtown- Just Rock and Roll
Did I mention that I loved punk? I was obsessed with a lot of Drive-Thru Records bands including these guys. If you are a fan of Cobra Starship, this is where Gabe Saporta started.

The Starting Line - Leaving
Another Drive-Thru Records band that I was crazy about and still love.

Rise Against - Swing Life Away
Rise Against is my 2nd favorite band. Their songs are always so beautiful and have so much meaning to them. Swing Life Away is definitely my favorite Rise Against song.

30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill
Jared Leto is not just gorgeous, he is super talented. He not only writes and sings the songs, he directs the videos too. Did I mention that he is dreamy? Ohh...and he looks good in black eyeliner. : )

I'm going to stop there, but some other bands that are honorable mentions are:
*Panic at the Disco!
*Saves the Day
*Franz Ferdinand
*Modest Mouse
*The White Stripes
*Three Days Grace
*Breaking Benjamin
*New Found Glory
*Story of the Year
*Good Charlotte


Krystal said...

I forgot about Midtown, I remember seeing them somewhere or other because I got their CD! I miss cheap and free good concerts and getting free CDs and meeting random band members who were walking around the crowd.

Kristina said...

Ok now I'm mad at myself!!! How did I forget Blink and Story of the Year!!! Grrrr! Great choices!

Jennifer B said...

Hi friend! ZOMG I looove Drive-Thru Records bands. I totally forgot about Midtown! I have their CD somewheres. Something Corporate is amazing. Jimmy Eat World is amazing. We were/are so emo haha

Nichole said...

Oooh, good picks! I put Something Corporate too!

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