Friday, January 27, 2012


Sorry that I have been kind of absent recently. I have been having a lot of pain and I also started school again (Yay!). So, I am trying to get into the swing of things. I wanted to share with you guys some of my recent obsessions.

I have been extremely obsessed with nail polish recently and Zoya is definitely my favorite brand. It seems to last longer and go on smoother than most brands I have. Sally Hansen and Julep are runners up.

Not only did I recently get the Naked palette, but I have also purchased quite a few 24/7 sticks and a few bottles of eyeshadow primer. All three of these products are the absolute best makeup products I have ever bought. With the primer and the Naked Palette or even the 24/7 stick my eyeshadow lasts all day As a result I am not buying any more eyeshadow (at least that is my goal). I have finally satisfied my makeup craving Thanks to Urban Decay.

Paradise by Coldplay

I actually could not stand Coldplay a few years ago. When I heard Paradise that changed. I am crazy about this song. It even inspired me to listen to more of Coldplay and I must say that I adore them now.

Foster The People- Torches

I am sure that you have all heard "Pumped up Kicks" by now, but you really need to listen to the entire Torches cd. It is amazing. Mark Foster is also fun and incredibly flawless live. Within the last year they have passed up many bands to become one of my top 5.

Target Flats

I recently bought these babies in black and they are so comfortable and cute. I can not wear high heels and I have to be careful how I walk due to some past ankle/foot injuries. So, comfortable dress shoes are a must.

What are you current obsessed with?

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Anonymous said...

I'm also obsessed with Coldplay right now. =) And for some reason the song Young, Wild & Free too. =)