Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recovery and How I Got Suspended....

You may or may not know that I am recovering from a recent spinal surgery. I am not allowed to share details at this time, but it has been a rough 9 months or so for me and I am healing. Well, I went back to work 3 weeks ago and it has been rough. This last week was particularly bad because I have been sick on top of everything else. I started with a sore throat, then came the cough. 2 boxes of tissues, about 60 hours of Netflix, a bottle of NyQuil, a bottle of Delsym, 5 bags of cough drops and some Chloraseptic spray later...I still have it. The worst part is that I take NyQuil and wake up 2 hours later hacking and unable to breathe. This also wakes up my poor Husband. This cold is perfectly designed to take you out! How are you expected to heal if you can't even sleep? Ugg. My cough is a *little* better today. I am hoping it will be gone soon since my work week starts tonight (Thurs-Sun overnight for me).

Now, on to the dirt. I am suspended. Twitter has suspended me. How did this happen? Well, I entered a huge group giveaway and liked about 20 pages at a time. People have group giveaways all the time & I have never heard of people getting suspended. How was I to know? I even have group giveaways sometimes on my page because people like them. I never realized how much I loved and used twitter until now. I have emailed them and they just ignore me. It has been almost two weeks. Has anyone else ever been suspended from twitter? How long does it take to get it back?

In short, I am sick, moody and currently not available on twitter. Thanks for letting me rant! : )

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JR911 said...


I'm sorry it seems like you're having a bad run lately. I have always been super concerned about following too many people at once on twitter for that very reason, but I've never been suspended. I had heard of that happening, so I never follow more than 10 people at a time just in case. Wish they'd understand that Twitter isn't just a social tool anymore, but it's also a promotion tool for bloggers and companies.