Friday, June 29, 2012

Guest Post: Asha's Cruise to the Bahamas

**I am away on my 5 year wedding Anniversary cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. While I am gone I have asked some fabulous Ladies that are my Blogging friends to guest post for me about their past cruises. Enjoy and please show them some Love! ~Crystal**

Hi! I'm Asha and you can find me over in my little corner of the blogosphere at Asha's Aspects where I talk about anything and everything that I think is even the least bit interesting, haha!

I'm so glad Crystal asked me to share some cruise memories with y'all today. Ever since I took my first cruise in December of last year I have been dying to go on another one and wish I could join Crystal and her hubby as they head off to sea! Here are some memories from my first cruise :)

Freeport, Bahamas

This port was not all that. It seemed like a teaser of what would come the next day. We just walked around, took a taxi to the Lacaya shopping plaza and Casino {along with everyone else on the cruise it seemed!} and saw a whole lot of the same scenery. All of the shops were pretty much repeats of each other since they all sold basically the same merchandise. But we did end up leaving with a mini banjo-type instrument to add to the musical souvenir collection we have at home :)

arrived at Freeport!

Danny getting annoyed at all the pictures I'm taking!
Our new friend putting bunny ears on Danny in the taxi

our banjo thing wrapped in cellophane


lunch time! 2 plates again!
Danny and his daiquiri!

Nassau, Bahamas!

This is where the party got STARTED! We had a blast walking around the city, going to Atlantis and enjoying the beautiful beach! We wish we had more time at Atlantis but I have a feeling that we will have a longer stay there in the future.

our taxi to Atlantis


it was so windy!


 We also had Formal night this day

gangster pose with the ship's director and assistant director... haha!

our messy room!
Fun day at sea!

We were completely entertained from morning til very late at night with game shows, comedy clubs, dances at dinner, karaoke and my favorite part....the deck party!

funny pic with our maitre'd

watching a show after
heading out to the deck party

its a pig!
worn out and ready to sleep!
Well, that concludes our cruise adventures!

love always,


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Awesome cruise Asha :-)