Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obsessed: Vacation Edition

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

Yes, this baby IS just as good as everyone says it is. I was reluctant to drop the cash on it, but I really needed a high SPF product for my face to keep me from turning into a lobster. After trying two sunscreens that made my face a greasy mess and burned my eyes, I decided to try this route. This BB cream is so amazing. It actually makes my face sweat less....and look good when I sweat! Plus, it will keep me from burning while looking good. I will try to do an official review later.

I have scored several adorable dresses for vacation, including this amazing Merona dress from Target. This is an oddity, but this dress looks better on than it does in the online picture. : ) My favorite dress was actually a No Boundaries Walmart score that only cost $14.99:

crappy picture borrowed from Walmart, it looks brighter and better in person.

That Chevron print is to-DIE-for. Love It! It is super flattering too.

I got this Chapstick from Influenster and it is amazing! It makes my lips so moist and soft feeling. Plus, it has SPF 50+ so it will keep them from getting burned and cracking, bleeding.

Of course I am taking my Urban Decay! I didn't want to risk my naked palette (it is not really travel friendly), so I found this Dangerous Palette on eBay at a decent price. It has 6 different colors of eyeshadow and it is the perfect size for traveling. Of course, the Urban Decay primer potion is coming too.

You probably recognize this from my Birchbox post, BUT I really, really love this stuff. I have been using it like crazy and this sample seems to be lasting pretty long. It just makes my lips look so incredibly good (and natural) and it lasts a long time since it stains your lips. I also scored Sexy Mama from TheBalm recently and it has quickly become a favorite. Their products seem to be amazing.

Last but not least...Klout and essie sent me this beautiful bottle of nail polish: Fear or Desire. It is the perfect color for summer and the beach. 
Of course I have plenty of other things that I am taking with me, these are just some of the recently acquired goodies that I am most excited about. What are you taking on your vacation? Any recommendations for me?


Lauren said...

I've been in vacation mode lately too trying to find super cute beach dresses, I love that Target one!!

tara said...

wow i really like that walmart maxi dress!