Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer Review

I received a Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in my recent Spring Beauty VoxBox from Influenster. I love concealer. While I have not yet really started using it under my eyes on a daily bases (Thank God that I don't need to yet), I do use it quite often. I have pale, oily skin that tends to break out here and there. Those bumps then turn bright red because I will not leave them alone. Hence, the need for concealer. I have tried a lot of different brands in the past, but I had never heard of Sheer Cover.

Here are the Sheer Cover key benefits:
*Instantly covers skin imperfections for a flawless, natural look
*Variable coverage – sheer and creamy perfect for under eye circles or more opaque for blemishes, dark spots and hyperpigmentation
*Easy application  – glides on, won’t pull or tug at fragile skin
*Enriched with natural, moisturizing Jojoba to help nourish and restore the skins’ natural moisture balance
*Allantoin helps calm and soothe sensitive, irritated skin
*Provides antioxidant protection from free-radical scavengers

I love that this concealer also moisturizes! I must admit that I did not expect much from this concealer because it looked like it had sweated in the box when I received it. I immediately applied it to my hand to swatch it and I knew that I would like it. Here are the swatches:

You have to look closely at my hand to see the swatches. Even though these colors look drastically different in the pot, they are not too far off. The cool thing about this duo concealer is that you can mix the colors together to make your perfect shade if you need to. I have found that both shades work great on my skin. The lighter color needs almost no blending and the darker color only has to be blended in a little. My favorite thing about this concealer though is the way that it makes my skin feel. It is not oily, greasy or heavy. It goes on smooth, light and actually makes your skin look sheer where you apply it. It also makes your skin feel soft. The concealer seems to last a long time too since little is needed. I have used it at least a dozen times and it hardly looks touched. 

This Sheer Cover Duo Concealer has already made a permanent home in my purse and is now one of my favorite concealers. My only complaint is not about the product, but about how it is sold. Sheer Cover does not sell this concealer by itself. You have to buy it as a set. While I would like to try more Sheer Cover, I already have a favorite foundation, eyeshadow, etc. and would like to buy the items as I want to try them. Sheer Cover: please sell your items individually!

Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster to review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.


Nichole said...

This was my absolute FAVE VoxBox treat to try!

HarleyC said...

Great review! This sounds like one that would work well on me!