Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where Do Floridians Go For Vacation??

St. Petersburg Beach, FL

As I child growing up in the Cincinnati, OH area I often wondered "where do the people that live in Florida/ California/ Hawaii/ insert your paradise here go for vacation? Do they just stay home? Why travel when you live in such an amazing location"? At the age of 15, I moved to Florida. At first I was in love and obsessed with the beach and the "touristy areas". As I grew older and became more annoyed with the sand that was always everywhere, the massive amounts of people overpopulating the area, the stingrays you had to watch out for, the shark attacks and the threat of skin cancer; I visited the beach less and less. I live 1/2 mile from a crappy beach, about 10-15 miles from a handful of nice beaches and within 30 minutes of 2 world-renown beaches (Clearwater Beach and Fort Desoto). I have not visited a beach in a bathing suit in about two years (I did go to 2 beach weddings in the past year). For some reason, the beach isn't as appealing when it is always there. This is hard to understand unless you live near a beach. I do have friends that go every weekend, but most of them are younger and/or single.

So, what do Floridians do for vacation? In my almost 14 years as a Floridian I have discovered that most Floridians do one of two things: 1) Visit home (almost everyone here is from another state, we are a huge melting pot of Northerners). 2) Go on a cruise. Cruises are really appealing because they are cheap, mostly inclusive, have a lot of different destinations, and we don't have to drive anywhere. There are ports all over Florida including right here in Tampa. 

Neither my Husband or myself have ever been on a cruise. Guess what? That is about to change! In a few days (next Monday, Woot Woot) we are leaving for Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. I have been researching every aspect of cruises like crazy and I hope *believe* we are prepared. We booked this cruise for these dates because it is also our 5 year wedding (and 10 year first date) anniversary on June 27th! As you can imagine, we are thrilled to be going on our first cruise and celebrating our anniversary. I will be posting lots of pictures and details when I get back. In the meantime, I have some wonderful friends posting about their cruise experiences while I am gone. Please welcome them and follow their blogs. They are all great Ladies that I have come to know well and love recently. They are also all Floridians. : )


Nichole said...

Have a great time!

Lauren said...

Growing up in Florida(and born IN Florida haha) we always took trips to Disney or the beach for vacations. Now my hubby and I still love going to the beach for vacay and cruises, we never get sick of either ;-) Have a great trip!!!!