Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Battle of the Sample Boxes: MyGlam VS. Birchbox July

This month was a great month for sample boxes! I loved both of my boxes. Here are the breakdowns:

*$10 a month 
*It was started by Michelle Phan (who is a Youtube Beauty Guru)
*Every month you receive a make-up bag with deluxe samples and full sized products
My July bag:

*Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish (0.07oz = $9)
*Nu-Me HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner (20ml=about $2, 250ml for $24.99)
*Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer (0.5oz= $11.17, 1.7oz is $38)
*Circus Nail Color in Somersault (full size. This is not yet for sale, but I am guessing about $8)
*Yes to Cucumbers On-The-Go Facial Towlettes (10 towlettes= $1.99, 30ct is $5.99)
*Pink stripped mesh makeup bag (unknown value)
Total Value: $32.16 before makeup bag

Initial thoughts: Love this bag! The most surprising hing stinky bag!! I don't know if it is because it is mesh, but the bag smelled great this time. The Buxom lip polish is amazing and it is plumping. I ran out of my plumping gloss months ago and have been looking for another substitute (it was a weird brand that I have to order online), and this is perfect. I don't have dry hair, but I am curious to try the Nu-Me since I have heard so much about it. I love Juice Beauty and the green apple smell of this moisturizer is so addicting. I think I could smell the tube all day long. Facial Towelettes are always necessary and I have been curious to try the Yes to Cucumber ones. Circus nail color...hmmm...not sure what to think. It comes in a cool (but wasteful) container. The actual bottle itself is heavy on glass. The color...yuck. Not me. I think my Mom will like it though, so I sent it to her. Overall, very satisfied with this bag and anxious to use all the products.

*$10 a month
*Created by Harvard Grads
*You receive 4-5 "deluxe samples" every month, occasionally full sized products
*You get bonus points for answering short surveys about the products you receive. You can then use those points to buy products at the their store (i.e.: FREE Stuff!).
My July Box:

*Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien (0.06ml= $0.10, 50ml for $85)
*boscia B.B. cream SPF 27 PA++ (0.35oz= $7.60, 1.75oz for $38)
*Color Club Blue-Ming nail polish (0.25oz= $4, full size 0.5oz for $8)
*stila lip glaze ($4 value, $12 for trio on Birchbox)
*Tea Forte minteas (1 tin= $3.32, 3 tins for $9.95)
*Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds (unknown value)
Total value: $19.02 before Earbuds

Initial thoughts: The breakdown is only $19.02, seriously? This is a great box! I have never seen a stila lip gloss for $4. I guess it is because it is a "glaze" and most of the container does not actually have product in it. I am not really a fan of the applicator and the way that you have to twist the container to get the glaze out. But's stila...I am happy! I was also super thrilled to get the boscia BB cream. I have been using Smashbox and it is amazing, but it isn't "self-adjusting" like this boscia one is. I can't wait to try that. The perfume smells good, but I would never buy it. The nail polish is a cute color that I would use, but if I am going to spend $8 it will be for Zoya or Essie not freaking Color Club (color club? come on...lame). I was very impressed with the extras this month. I have wanted to try the tea mints since I am a huge tea drinker. I just couldn't bring myself to drop the $4 for them at Starbucks. They are weird tasting, but I am digging them. They are supposed to have some medicinal properties too. The Earbuds were really awesome! I have been needing to replace my iPod ones with ones that will stay in my ear and these are doing the job. Great box again Birchbox! I bet some of my friends are hating that they unsub'd now. : )

 This month's winner: For the second month in a row, MyGlam had the higher value bag (although that is debatable depending on the value of the Earbuds), but Birchbox is my winner. I love both boxes, but Birchbox had more useable products and more products I would be likely to buy (boscia, stila, even the Tea Forte). Plus, I really loved the Earbuds. Best bonus product so far! The Buxom is probably the only MyGlam product I will buy.

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Disclaimer: I purchased both boxes with my own money, I just do these posts to share my goodies. I am not compensated in any way.


Veronica and Daniel said...

I have never heard of my glam - but looking at the pictures I agree that it is a better value...I may have to switch :) My birchbox was good this month but it is the first one in months that I have been real happy with...

Cami said...

GREAT POST!! Ah I love this so much because I was debating making the MyGlam switch.
I think this month's Birchbox was a surprise because the last few months have been horrible...this month was a huge surprise.
I didn't realize Myglam came in a makeup cool. I also didn't know Birchbox was made by Harvard grads. Interesting!!
You don't like Color Club?? Why not? I love the colors they offer! (At least the ones I've seen...only gotten one in my Birchbox!!)
Anyways...thanks for the great review <3

Abby said...

I've never seen the MyGlam! How cool! I've really liked my Birchboxes though...maybe I'll sign up for both!

Niki said...

The myglam bag seems so cool! I really like everything you got - I might have to try this out!

elizalouise.bell said...

That lip glaze is worth more than 4 dollars. I have the same size lip glaze from Sephora and they retail for 16.
Great post though!


Charisma said...

I have heard so much about both boxes but I have not broken down and ordered yet. I think I might go for the MyGlam box!

Casey said...

How fun that you get both boxes and compare them! 1. I love the "yes to" facial wipes. I got them in my birchbox a few months ago and found them at Target. 2. I am super jealous that you got two nail polishes this month. I have been wanting to try a yellow out.

tara said...

this myglam looks pretty good, but i'd still prefer to get the birchbox products.

Blue Dog Belle said...

I'm with Tara. I've been debating getting both, but still going to stick with Birchbox. Great review lovely!

xoxo, Emily

xo, Jersey Girl said...

I just signed up for My Glam, so I hope they stick to doing better!! I'm jealous of your nail polish in your birchbox, I didn't have that included.

Stopping by from the link up, happy to be your newest follower <3

xo, Jersey Girl

SVB said...

I've never heard of My Glam, but I might have to look into it. I've been thinking about subscribing to Birchbox for awhile now, but My Glam looks like it has a better value. Don't know yet, though. Will have to investigate!