Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dry Idea Review and Giveaway (3 winners!)

A fact that you probably don't know about me: I am obsessed with Antiperspirant. I am the person that will literally stop at the nearest location and spend a fortune for antiperspirant if I realize I somehow *gasp* forgot to put deodorant on. I live in Florida and I am unfortunately a sweater. My Freshman year of college I went to USF in Tampa. I had an hour commute with no air conditioning in my car and I was on campus for 9 hours most days. Needless to say; I carried not only an extra change of clothes with me, but antiperspirant as well. It seemed like no matter what brand I tried, I could not find an antiperspirant or deodorant that worked all day for me. A couple of years ago when various companies started selling "clinical strength" antiperspirant I was in heaven. Finally something that lasted all day and all night long. I have since only used clinical strength products; until now. Meet Dry Idea AdvancedDry:

Dry idea sent me their unscented 24 hour Antiperspirant & Deodorant Roll On. I must admit that roll on's make me cringe. I had bad experiences with crappy roll on's as a child. The rollers never seemed to work and the liquid was cold and smelled weird. I put my reservations aside and decided to give Dry Idea a fair shot. I am glad that I did! It works better than any other non-clinical strength product I have ever used and just as good as the clinical strength that I currently love! The roller ball has worked great and the antiperspirant vanishes quickly so that your armpits do not feel wet (it has a fast drying MicroCotton formula). The best thing is that this has truly been working for me all day and all night long. No reapplication needed. I am seriously impressed with this product! Plus, it is cheaper than clinical strength deodorants. It also is Hypo-allergenic and contains vitamin E, so it is great for sensitive pits.

While I received the unscented, I prefer to have my deodorant scented. The Roll-on also comes in Powder Fresh and Cotton Dry scents. Do you have a roll-on phobia? They also carry a clear gel and an invisible solid (my next buy is their Invisible Solid in "Cool Burst with Air Conditioning Effect" ...how heavenly does that sound?). 


Dry Idea is giving away $1000 in prizes! Enter here to win a $500 1st place prize or 1 of 10 $50 2nd place prizes. It is super easy to enter and I will even give you extra entries into my Dry Idea giveaway here!


Three lucky readers will win a coupon for a Free 3.25oz or smaller Dry Idea AdvancedDry of your choice!

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Disclaimer: Dry Idea provided a free sample in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.


lokigsd said...

Thanks for the contest!

SVB said...

I totally bought Dry Idea after reading your post, because I'm like you--I SWEAT. So far, it's the best anti-persp/deo I've ever tried! LOVE. IT. And it was one of the cheaper options.