Thursday, September 13, 2012

How You Can Save Money On Textbooks

Did you know that you could RENT textbooks instead of buying them? I dread to think of all the money I have spent on text books in my college career. I know that there were some semesters where my books cost about $800. When I went to sell the books back after the semester, a lot of them were "old edtions" that they wouldn't take back. Others I only received about 30% of the money that I spent for them. It is so frustrating spending so much money on materials in addition to tuition. At you can rent your books and not have to worry about spending a ton of money or selling the book back at the end of the semester. 

What about shipping (books are expensive to ship..and heavy)? What about those of us who like to highlight the books (I am definitely that girl)? Shipping is free both ways and you are allowed to highlight the books you receive! You simply rent the book you need, use it for your class and send it back when you are done. They even have a 30 day risk free guarantee.

I was browsing around on their website since I am returning to school next year and I found a book that looked familiar. I used another version of this Chemistry book several years ago and paid almost $300. You can rent this book from for only $70.98 a semester! I think I received about $60-$70 back when I resold my book. So, I definitely paid WAY more than $70 to basically "rent" this book from my school and that was years ago. I also love that they allow you to rent by quarter or by summer if your school is nontraditional or you are taking a summer course. I am definitely going to be looking to rent my books for next semester.

Check out this silly FAQ's video: 

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